Creating new work arrangement options with more freedom and flexibility

With the diversification in work arrangements, new options are being created in addition to the conventional work hours as well as to the workplaces such as the first place (home), the second place (a central office that you physically show up to), and the third place (cafés and shared office spaces). Leveraging its expertise gained through the development of many offices, Frontier Consulting provides flexible workplaces not only by updating conventional third places into more functional and comfortable places, but also by making the fourth place (a virtual office in a metaverse) available as a space for communication.



4th places
  • 1st Place : Home
  • 2nd Place : Office
  • 3rd Place : Cafés / Shared office spaces / Hotels / Workation
  • 4th Place : Online spaces (metaverse)

A flexible workplace, which covers both the third place and the fourth place, gives you more freedom to "where" and "how" you work. The increased freedom contributes to improving your work-life balance, allowing you to keep working while raising children, for example.


Reservation as quick as 30 seconds—private room style workspaces that can be used in 15-minute intervals

These personal shared office spaces add more freedom and comfort to workplaces and work arrangements, which are defined as the third place, such as cafés, shared office spaces, hotels, and workation. These private rooms allow you not only to concentrate on your work without getting distracted by others, but also to get everything done on your smartphone from reservation and entry to leaving, and they can be used immediately in 15-minute intervals. They provide the optimal work environment for working efficiently.

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A new option using a virtual space that allows you to work with others from anywhere

This virtual platform sets up a workplace in a virtual space (metaverse) where employees can work and communicate with others. Not only does it allow you to chat with others using functions such as "1on1" and "Talk", but it also allows you to check each persons status using the status indicators. It provides you with a new way of working not bound by the conventional idea of a workplace.

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Utilization of third places, ideas for communication using a fourth place (metaverse), and solutions for building owners who are struggling with idle spaces—we are here to help! Feel free to consult us.