Finding the best solution for the building to make it a place loved for many years to come

Coming into the office is not the only option anymore, and there are an increasing number of companies choosing not to have a physical office. To accommodate the changing needs, we are expected to not just provide conventional services, including office building renovation, renewal, repair as well as furnished office space development, but also create a concept design considering the future of buildings. We provide support for real estate value improvement and for sustainable income by identifying the optimal use, including those other than conventional office setup, expected of the property within the market and by creating the “future in which people would love to come work here”, providing our services responsibly in one stop up to the leasing after completion.




    Renovation and renewal of buildings to make them one of a kind

    It is said that the trend in office buildings changes significantly every 10 years. With extensive experience in creating a variety of value-added office spaces and buildings, we work with building owners to envision the future of buildings through options that are not constrained by the conventional management methods. Moreover, as one of the few consulting firms in the industry that is capable of handling both workplace design and real estate brokerage, we take care of everything including the tenant search after renovation or renewal.


    Providing unique workplaces

    Improving a building's asset value would also bring new value to the people who work there and to the way they work. We develop unique building environments for example by making use of the building entrance and shared areas and by setting up a communication space inside the building to accommodate use by remote workers. We help you attract a diverse workforce so that each person can expand ones potential.

  • Clarification of requirements

    Check the issues and outcome by considering project requirements and environmental conditions both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • Concept design

    Design the project concept by organizing and analyzing information, closely communicating with the client.

  • Basic plan

    Incorporate the concept into a concrete plan. Formulate the basic attitude toward the work environment development.

  • Implementation design

    Based on the basic plan, determine detailed specifications toward implementing construction work. Prepare drawings and relevant material.

  • Cost adjustment

    Adjust costs through both value engineering and cost reduction, and set the final budget.

  • Development preparation

    Work on the preparations for construction work and procurement. Submit statutory applications to relevant government offices as well as notifications to the facility where the construction work will be carried out.

  • Work Environment development

    Through a close cooperation among relevant people and organizations, carry out the planned construction work and equipment installation as well as placement of necessary office supplies without delay.

  • Management support

    Promote the use of the property in line with its intended use and provide support for creation of opportunities by preparing creatives necessary for communication both within and outside the company.

  • Leasing

    Help our clients find tenants in order to improve the value of the facility and to increase profitability.

  • Sustainability certification acquisition support

    We provide support for acquiring sustainability certifications both in Japan and overseas (DBJ Green Building, CASBEE, BELS, LEED, BREEAM, etc.)

For consultation or inquiries, please contact our professional staff.

With nine offices in Japan, we provide support for work arrangement and work environment development projects throughout Japan to contribute to the future of our clients. Our professional staff is always here to help you in any stage of the project to tackle and solve challenges together. For overseas projects, our staff in Vietnam or Shanghai will take care of your needs.