Privacy Policy

At Frontier Consulting Co., Ltd. (“Company” and “we”), we recognize that proper handling of personal information pursuant to the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” in executing our business activities including transactions with our clients is our social responsibility, and we have set out this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) as follows.

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    Handling of Personal Information

    In handling personal information, we ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, clearly set out the purpose of the use of personal information, and use it only to the extent permissible based on the purpose of use and under the relevant laws and regulations.
    Additionally, unless absolutely necessary for the purpose of complying with the laws and regulations or of executing our business activities, we will not collect any special category personal information such as political beliefs, religion, and ethnicity.

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    Collection and Use of Personal Information

    If we wish to collect your personal information for the execution of our business activities, we will do so in a proper and fair manner by announcement or notification of the purpose of its use (including announcement through this Policy), or, if we wish to collect any personal information contained in any contract or other documents (including electromagnetic records) directly from you, by clearly indicating the purpose of its use in advance.
    Additionally, we properly use the personal information we have collected to the extent necessary for fulfilling the purposes described below. If we wish to use your personal information for purposes other than those listed below, we will obtain your consent separately.

    1) To respond to your opinions, inquiries, request for documents, etc.
    2) To develop our services and products
    3) To provide you with information about the services and products offered by us or by our partner companies.
    4) To provide you with information about events, seminars, etc.
    5) To perform confirmation necessary for accounting audits
    6) To verify identity, exercise rights, and/or perform obligations based on relevant laws and regulations (including the Second-hand Article Dealer Act) and/or on contracts
    7) To communicate with our clients (their officers and/or employees if they are legal entities) on business matters, perform contracts, hold business negotiations, and/or execute related or accompanying business activities for purposes such as placement of orders with subcontractors for construction work, procurement of goods, and provision of services
    8) To communicate with and provide information to job applicants, as well as to execute other business activities necessary for job offering and recruitment
    9) To execute other business activities necessary for our business and for other matters related to our business, as well as to handle transactions appropriately and smoothly with you, contractors, subcontractors, etc.

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    We implement the following safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, as well as to prevent loss, destruction, tampering, divulgence/leakage, etc. of personal information. Additionally, we exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over our employees and contractors (including subcontractors) who handle personal data.
    Details of our safeguards for personal information have been set out separately in our “Information Management Regulations”, but its main content is as follows.

    1) Development of a policy
    To ensure proper handling of personal information, we have established a basic policy on matters such as compliance with relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, etc., as well as a point of contact for handling inquiries and complaints.
    2) Development of regulations pertaining to handling of personal information
    For each stage including collection, use, provision, and disposal of personal information, we have established regulations pertaining to matters such as handling methods, persons in charge, and their missions.
    3) Organizational safeguards
    We have appointed an “information management officer” as a person responsible for handling of personal information. Additionally, we have established a framework for responding to incidents, such as personal information divulgence/leakage, under the lead of the information management officer should such incidents occur.
    4) Human safeguards
    In addition to educating our employees about the section in our Work Rules prohibiting divulgence/leakage of personal information, we hold training sessions as needed on matters including proper handling of personal information.
    5) Physical safeguards
    Physical safeguards include i) storage of items, such as personal computers on which personal information is handled as well as documents containing personal data, in lockable cabinets, etc., and ii) use of passwords to protect personal computers, electronic media, etc.
    6) Technical safeguards
    We restrict access on the system by limiting which employees can handle personal information. Additionally, we have a system for protecting our information system, on which personal data is handled, from unauthorized access, etc. from outside.

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    Provision of and sharing of personal information to and with third parties

    When we outsource the handling of personal information that we have collected to any third party in whole or in part, or when we provide or share personal information to or with any third party, we will appoint a person who sufficiently meets our personal information protection standards and will take appropriate measures based on contracts, etc. Also, upon your request, we will stop providing your personal information to third parties.

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    Correction, etc. of personal information

    Upon your request for disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. or discontinuation of use of your personal information, we will handle your request without delay according to our prescribed procedure only when we have confirmed that the request has been made by you.
    We accept these requests at “10. Inquiry” listed below.

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    Protection of personal information on hyperlink destinations

    We do not take responsibility for the handling of personal information on other companies’ websites linked from any of the websites that we manage.

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    Changes to and improvement of the Privacy Policy

    We continually revise and improve this Policy.

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    Use of cookies

    We use cookies for purposes including i) improvement of convenience for users in using the websites that we manage, ii) measurement and analysis of usage, and iii) ad serving to third-party ad serving companies.
    Cookie information does not contain any information that will identify individuals, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses of the users of our websites. Additionally, you can disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser.

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    Name, address, representative of one-person business handling company

    Name: Frontier Consulting Co., Ltd.
    Address: Otemachi Building 1F, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    Representative: Kuniyuki Kawahara

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    Contact for Inquiries

    For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information (notification of purpose of use, requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, or cessation of provision to third parties of retained personal data, questions or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, etc.), please contact us at the following address.
    Personal Information Protection Consultation
    Frontier Consulting Co., Ltd.
    Otemachi Building 1F, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004
    E-mail: info@frontierconsul.net