Creating New Values Beyond the Expectations of Our Clients

How should the workplace of the future be? Creation of innovation, promotion of communication, enhancement of branding capabilities, or strategic downscaling to keep it compact—the ideals vary by the future that each company is envisioning. As a consulting firm offering multi-faceted services including office space brokerage, project management, construction management, design, construction work, and property management support, we discuss and design the workplace environment for creating new value beyond our clients’ expectations for office spaces. We provide you with ideas and measures for shaping the future for workers and workplace.




    Workplace design originated from the company’s brand

    Workplace design, in which your organization’s individuality is reflected and which has its origin in your company’s brand, fosters a corporate culture and brings a positive impact to visitors and recruitment. We design spaces by clarifying what is the workplace environment that you really want. The process of revisiting your company’s work arrangements and thinking about the workplace environment itself becomes the greatest value. From the beginning of the project through to the management of the property, and with a broad perspective and a high level of knowledge, we always work closely with our clients to come up with the best solution possible.


    Workplace design that helps workers shine more

    Clarifying the things necessary or lacking for developing the optimal workplace environment as well as opportunities and technologies necessary for your organization, we create opportunities for workers to work with more joy. Creation of not only places but also the future of companies and workers—we think that it is almost equivalent of rebranding the company itself.

  • Clarification of requirements

    Description of Services of Our Building Asset Value Improvement Business

  • Selection of locations and properties

    Pick out locations and properties which meet the requirements and enable the client to achieve the project goals.

  • Concept design

    Design the project concept by organizing and analyzing information, closely communicating with the client.

  • Basic plan

    Incorporate the concept into a concrete plan. Formulate the basic attitude toward the work environment development.

  • Implementation design

    Based on the basic plan, determine detailed specifications toward implementing construction work. Prepare drawings and relevant material.

  • Cost adjustment

    Adjust costs through both value engineering and cost reduction, and set the final budget.

  • Development preparation

    Work on the preparations for construction work and procurement. Submit statutory applications to relevant government offices as well as notifications to the facility where the construction work will be carried out.

  • Work Environment development

    Through a close cooperation among relevant people and organizations, carry out the planned construction work and equipment installation as well as placement of necessary office supplies without delay.

  • Management support

    Promote the use of the property in line with its intended use and provide support for creation of opportunities by preparing creatives necessary for communication both within and outside the company.

  • “Inuki” (a property left partially or fully furnished by its previous tenant(s)) support

    Maximize the relocation cost reduction by inviting a next tenant after the previous tenant moves out.

If you are considering developing a new workplace through office relocation, renovation, or new opening, we are here to help you with the support for whatever project phase you are in. Let us know the future that you are envisioning for your organization. For inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.