Building a Lasting Future

The realization of a sustainable society as well as the creation of environments and opportunities for sustainable growth of businesses and workers will become increasingly important. At Frontier Consulting, a consulting firm committed to shaping the future for workers and workplace, we continue to strive to realize better work arrangements and society through our experience accumulated and challenges going forward.

Together with purpose development, we have identified our five material issues. We strive to realize a sustainable society through our business activities.

  • Development of sustainable work environments for workers, business organizations, and society

    We contribute to a sustainable society not only by facilitating the production activities, growth, and creativity of workers and business organizations but also by developing community-conscious and environment-conscious work environments.

  • Workforce development

    We create diverse work arrangements and work environments, thereby facilitating productive employment and rewarding and decent work regardless of age, disability, race, or gender. We also help workers and society improve their workplace literacy by sharing knowledge and information about workplace and work arrangements.

  • Provision of self-actualization opportunities for workers

    We address physical, mental, and social well-being in the workplace and provide self-actualization opportunities for workers.

  • Support for the development of services and products focused on work arrangements

    Focusing on research and technologies related to the work environment and work arrangements, we provide support for the development of services and products which would contribute to the improvement and diversification of work arrangements.

  • Creation of opportunities for inter-organizational partnerships

    We create opportunities that function as “open” spaces that attract diverse individuals, business organizations, and communities, helping them form partnerships to accomplish their respective priorities.


    A Platform for Fostering Relationships

    At Frontier Consulting, part of OTEMACHI KORTO, our head office, is open for people outside the company to use for free of charge, allowing them to use it for social contribution activities such as regional revitalization events and NPO activities.


  • Office Design

    Student competitions for shaping the future of workers and workplaces

    We organize office design competitions for students in order to have many young people, including students, become interested in the field of office design and to foster the next generation of talent who will be working in the development of the work environment, which is the foundation for diverse corporate activities.


    Accommodating diverse work arrangements for coexistence of urban and rural areas

    We established our satellite office “Izu-Oshima Co-Working Lab WELAGO” in Izu Oshima. Promoting diverse work arrangements and having offices in both the “world-class metropolis” and the “nature-rich islands region” of Tokyo, our goal is to build a society in which big cities and rural areas coexist. In May 2023, we concluded a partnership with a town called Oshima-machi, and we have been contributing to the local industrial development through the operation of the satellite office.